Halloween has been and gone but the Geese at Weir Meadow are still spooking the people at the park.

The Geese have recently entered the park after flying in for the winter season and have been spotted by a number of guests and employees working at the park in Evesham, Worcestershire. Their visit has said to be because of the change of weather and need for food from the fish-rich waters.

The recent weather has taken a turn for the worse and there have been vast amounts of fog over the lakes, making the setting seem rather ‘spooky’. The new visitors often fly across the lake and create a noise which some people have found very Halloween-like. About fifteen to twenty Geese at a time have been spotted to fly through the fog, across the lakes, which make for a very ghostly viewing.

The park has also welcomed other visitors during this season in the form of Kingfishers and Herons. With all the feathered visitors at the lakes, the setting is now perfect for any lover of birds. The birds have been sighted on the river bank of the Weir and are creating quite some interest from visitors to the site.

Weir Meadow is situated next to the Weir which is also next to the River Avon and is often welcomed by a number of different wildlife. Not only is the Weir full of many fish but birds are also known for flocking to the riverbank, especially during the colder months. The river bank is privately owned by the Caravan Park, which overlooks the Weir and is predominately used for fishing, except for the closed season.  This is said to be one of the best views in Evesham, so that gives you two reasons to visit the park.

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